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One Team, Many Talents

Nandha Infotech an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Nandha Infotech not only develops software but also trains fresh minds of the society in various streams. Thus far, we have trained more than 1, 00,000 youngsters around the world, making various achievements in various streams till date.

Why Priority?

Our Vision is To be a turnkey solution Provider and our Mission is To become a well known tech company in India by 2023.

Nandha Infotech has been recognised by the student community as one of the best places for undertaking In-plant training, Internship & Workshops. The wide array of options offered by us, combined with excellent infrastructure makes us the ideal destination for students wanting to go that extra distance in their fledgling professional career.

Talent Can Come From Anywhere

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Our Skills
Photoshop 100%
HTML5 & CSS3 100%
Java 100%
PHP 100%
Android 100%
WordPress 100%